Membership application or renewal can be performed using the online form below.

Membership Rules

From the constitution:

6. The annual subscription shall be such amount as is decided by the Executive who shall have the power to vary the fees by up to twenty percent of the current rate. Any greater variation must be approved by an Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with Rule 6 quoted above we advise that subscriptions for the 2023/2024 year remain the same as last year, as confirmed at the AGM on 18/6/23.

Annual Membership Fees

NEW MEMBER CLUBS with up to 142 members: $100 initial subscription.

EXISTING MEMBER CLUBS (and NEW member clubs with more than 142 members):

  • Up to 350 members: $22 plus 55 cents per member
  • 351 – 500 members: $220
  • 501 – 1000 members: $400
  • More than 1000 members: $1,210 


Please pay via internet banking. When you’ve submitted the membership form, the bank account and details for payment will be provided in the confirmation email. Member clubs of more than 1,000 members are invoiced.
Other member clubs can request an invoice/receipt if required.

When you submit the membership form, a confirmation email with payment details will be sent to the email address provided.
NOTE: Some email applications treat the confirmation email as SPAM, so if it’s not in your Inbox, check your SPAM/Junk folder.

Membership Form

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