A sample list of subjects we have made successful submissions on are as follows:

 ACC levies
Frontal Impact rule
Steering Systems Rule
Seatbelt anchorage
Glazing rules
Standard repair rules   
Greenhouse gases
Vehicle standards rules
Road Safety Strategy
Salt on highways
‘Boy racer’ legislation
Road use & regulations
Compulsory Third Party insurance
LTSA inspections
Aromatic fuels
Emissions control
ACC Premiums
Traction engines
…and many more

We also liaise with the Vintage Car Club of NZ & the NZ Automobile Association, and other industry groups. By working together we can make worthwhile recommendations to the rule makers and know that we have been heard. The more clubs that we represent means more notice will be taken of us.

The FOMC has garnered great respect in government circles over the years of its operation and has become a significant lobbying voice in government.

An alliance serving the needs of diverse motoring groups through active partnership.

If your club is a branch of a NZ wide organisation, please let us know as it is the National Body that should join the Federation. Normally our newsletter will go to the national headquarters where it can be distributed to the branches if required. Your club does not have to be part of national body to join the FOMC.

Please remember the bigger the voice that the Federation has, means that more notice is taken of us – and don’t forget we are working for your club. Remember one club cannot be effective alone in this arena. An alliance can best serve such needs for diverse motoring groups. The FOMC is that alliance.