Ministry for the Environment on Emissions Reduction Plan 2021: read our submission on “Emissions Reduction”, in which we outline the Federation’s position.

Climate Change Commission 2021: read our submission on “Climate Action for Aotearoa”, in which we outline the magnitude of the crucial contributions heritage motoring makes to the New Zealand economy and the consequent importance of maintaining access to fossil fuels or their alternative.

ACC levy consultation 2019-2021: read our submission on the review of ACC motor vehicle levies, now covering a two-year period. ACC are proposing a small increase in levies, including raising petrol tax by 1.9 cents per litre.

Low-emissions economy/Zero Carbon Bill: read the FOMCs submission on the Productivity Commission’s 2018 draft report on transitioning to a low-emissions economy and what it means for transport and the future of fossil fuels, and also see our submission on the Zero Carbon Bill here.

Setting of Speed Limits 2017: The FOMC submission supports the new process for reviewing speed limits, and introducing a 110km/h limit on some motorways and expressways.

ACC Motor Vehicle Levies 2017-19: 
read our submission on the annual review of motor vehicle levies, from now on covering a two-year period. ACC are proposing an average 17% reduction in vehicle levies, including cutting petrol tax by 0.9 cents per litre.

Omnibus Amendment 2016: This submission covers proposals to exempt cars registered before 1990 from needing hi-stop brake lights (which we support), plus a proposal to require external door handles to be retro-fitted (which we oppose).

ACC Motor Vehicle Levies 2015-16:
 ACC are proposing a 40% reduction in levies for most motor vehicles, including vintage. But the reduction in levy for cars under 40 years will vary according to safety rating. It also proposed cutting ACC petrol tax by 4c/litre, which the FOMC submission opposed as its fairer to multiple vehicle owners for more ACC to be collected from fuel, and less from annual rego fees.

Incorporated Society Bill: read our submission on changes to the rules governing incorporated societies.

Light Vehicle Brakes Amendment Rule: this rule proposes to make ESC mandatory on all new and used light vehicles being imported into NZ (phased in from 2015-2020 depending on vehicle type). The FOMC submission supports the rule, which exempts SIVs and vehicles over 20 years, but we suggested low volume or scratch-built vehicles needed to be exempt too.

RUC admin and vehicle certification fee review: submission on amending NZTA admin fees

ACC Motor Vehicle levies 2014-15: Next year ACC are proposing reductions in levies for utes/vans and vintage vehicles. But for passenger vehicles under 40 years of age, they are proposing graduated levies according to risk, with the least safe vehicles getting no levy reduction. Although the FOMC welcomes lower levies for vintage cars, our submission expressed concern that classic cars under 40, and some SIVs, may be unfairly penalised.

Vehicle Compliance Amendment Rule: this Rule implements changes to the WoF frequency for all light vehicles first registered after 2000. It also seeks feedback on the appropriate inspection frequency for ‘vintage’ and ‘veteran’ vehicles. Read our submission here.

Road User Charges amendments: read our submission on amendments to RUC regulations, including introducing a new ‘vintage’ category for heavy vehicles (with reduced fees).

Road User Amendment Rule: This submission relates to changes to raise the minimum age for using a child booster seat, which includes banning children from driving unrestrained in trucks built after 1955.

Vehicle Licensing Reform: 
the government is proposing changes to the WoF, CoF and annual vehicle licensing systems (‘rego’), including reviewing the frequency of inspections. The FOMC surveyed club members, and our submission recommended reducing the WoF frequency for vehicles over 30 to once a year. Click to read our submission or our press release.

Exhaust Emissions Rule 2012: this amendment Rule mainly applies to new and late-model imports, but proposes to replace the current pre-1990 exemption for older vehicles with a rolling 20-year exemption, which the FOMC submission supports.

Agricultural Transport Legislation: 
read the FOMC’s submission on this MoT discussion document which proposes to relax licensing, speed restricitons, and WoF/CoF requirements for agricultural machinery. Our subsequent submission on associated Land Transport Rule changes can be read here.

Road User Rule 2011: 
the main proposal in this Rule is a repeal of the give way rule which required left-turning traffic to give way to the right – from late March 2012 left-turning traffic will have a free turn at uncontrolled intersections or intersections controlled by the same signs or signals. Rules at T-intersections will also change, with traffic on the terminating road now giving way to traffic on the through road. The FOMC supported these changes; read our submission here.

Omnibus Amendment Rule 2011: 
FOMC submission on miscellaneous Rule changes which includes a proposal to allow breakaway brakes to be fitted to light trailers (like caravans), which was proposed by the FOMC and Motor Caravan Association.

Road User Charges Bill: 
Key proposals in theRUC Bill include a change in the definition of vehicle weight for the purposes of calculating RUC (to the lesser of the vehicle manufacturer’s GVM or the maximum allowable mass), as well as abolishing time licenses. These changes have particular impacts on motorhomes, farm machinery and vintage commercials, which are discussed in the FOMC’s submission. For our submission on the subsequent MoT discussion document proposing the new RUC weights and vehicle types, click here.

Driver Licensing Rule Amendment: 
this Rule proposes to strengthen motorcycle licensing and create a new moped licence requiring all riders to upgrade from a car licence. For a copy of our submission, click here.

Passenger Service Vehicles: FOMC submission on proposals to amend the PSV construction rules.

ACC motor vehicle levy consultation 2011/12: 
minor changes are proposed to next year’s levies, mainly raising the petrol tax and reducing the licence levy. For more details, read our submission.

Lighting Amendment Rule 2011: 
this rule proposes some minor technical amendments and mandatory brake lights and indicators on all new light trailers. Read our submission here.

ACC motor vehicle levy consultation 2010/11: 
ACC proposed raising the levies for motor vehicles, with motorcycles in particular facing large increases between 200-300%. For the FOMC’s comments on these plans, click here.

Road Safety Strategy 2020: 
read our submission on the Ministry of Transport’s strategy to improve road safety, which includes proposals to reduce the drink-drive limit, raise the minimum driving age, and require WoFs for mopeds, amongst many others.

Land Transport Enforcement Powers Bill: 
also known as the “anti-cruising” Bill, this and its sister “crushing” Bill amend and enhance current ‘boy racer’ legislation. Under this Bill, it is proposed to prohibit “cruising”, and the Federation of Motoring Club’s submission argued this could prohibit legitimate car club events, rallies or parades, and we recommended changing the wording in the Bill so that enforcement of any bylaw only applied to a night-time curfew.

Biofuels: FOMC submission on the government Bill which mandates biofuel blends into retail fuels (ethanol in petrol, or biodiesel). Older (carb-fed) cars are not compatible with ethanol, yet this Bill may introduce ethanol in all petrol grades. Read our detailed analysis of what it means for owners of classic vehicles (please note, the Biofuel Bill has since been repealed, but retail sales will continue).

Road User Rule: the FOMC’s submission commented on proposals to prohibit the use of hand-held cellphones while driving, parking on grass verges, and mandating the use of motorcycle lights during the daytime.

Vehicle Equipment (Noise) Rule: read our submission on this Rule – which proposes stricter standards on exhaust noise – and how it will affect not only ‘boy racers’ in modified Jap-imports, but also those with factory muscle cars.

Compulsory Third Party Vehicle Insurance: this Ministry of Transport proposal affects all motorists, whether you already have insurance or not. Read the FOMC’s submission here. Download a PDF copy of the MoT’s discussion document here.

Steering Systems Rule: this Rule will apply the new Special Interest Vehicle criteria to late-model left-hand-drive cars, to make it easier to import them without having to convert to RHD. Click here for the Federation of Motoring Club’s submission on the draft proposal.

Frontal Impact Amendment: details of the Federation of Motoring Clubs submission on the review of the Frontal Impact Amendment Rule, which created a ‘Unique Collectible Vehicle’ category (now referred to as Special Interest Vehicle), are contained here.

Vehicle Equipment (Immobilisers) Rule: read our submission on the Rule to require immobilisers to be fitted to all new and used cars imported after a certain date.

Traction Engines Rule: FOMC comments on proposed new operational requirements for traction engines.

Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Rule: FOMC comments on the 2007 review of the Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Rule, which introduces minimum emissions standards for used-imports for the first time (commencing in 2008), but exempts light vehicles built before 1990.

Fuel Consumption Information Rule: read the FOMC’s submission on the LTNZ proposal to mandate the collection of fuel economy data for all future new/used imported cars.

Operator Licensing Amendment: FOMC submission on the amendment to the Operator Licensing Rule, which prohibits using ‘special interest vehicles’ in a commercial service e.g. wedding hire or rental.

Tyres & Wheels Rule: click here for our comments on this Rule which proposes tighter controls on the use of snow tyres.

Dangerous Goods: read our submission on restrictions for carrying small quantities of fuel.