Welcome to the home page of the NZ Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey (NZHCVS) project.

As all clubs will be aware, the NZ FoMC is undertaking a major market survey project this year, to determine the social and economic footprint of the historic and classic vehicle sector in New Zealand. This is a first-time, ground-breaking project, and closely follows the great work done by our sister organisation in the UK (the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs) – which has gained substantial traction there in terms of public and government awareness of the huge contribution that our sector represents, and its importance.  Many of you may have viewed the various television programmes on English television that have recently spun off as a result of increased public respect and appreciation.

The survey results will be used to provide evidence-based data to Government, its agencies and the heritage motoring sector so that the Federation can represent effectively all our member clubs with accurate and thorough economic data.

Here in NZ, our market survey planning is well advanced:

  • The FoMC has established a dedicated team to run the “NZ Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey” project.
  • The project itself has been comprehensively defined, and three potential research agencies were briefed late in 2022.
  • In January, we appointed our selected agency, and they are now well advanced on the preparatory work.
  • Through a variety of approaches with potential funders and the commitments they have made, we have already raised a substantial amount of the estimated total project cost. We extend our grateful thanks to those FoMC clubs and groups who have already stepped forward with their support.
  • Recognising the devastating effects of Cyclone Gabrielle and the resultant disruption to much of NZ, we have delayed the project for a short period; however, we will be ready to proceed with the fieldwork research phase before mid year.

In line with this timetable and in light of the benefits, we extend the opportunity to all FoMC clubs to support this important project directly, with a suggested contribution between $500 and $1000. We fully understand and appreciate the diversity across our clubs in terms of membership numbers, financial strength, etc., and therefore we are more than happy to leave this contribution totally to each club’s discretion – whether to support or not, and the amount. We respect each club’s decision without question or judgement.

If, based on all the foregoing, your club decides to support this unique initiative, please email FoMC secretary Chris Butler at secretary@fomc.nz to confirm your contribution, and we will reply with invoicing and payment details.  Please advise if you are GST registered.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request, and for your club’s support if you are able to give it. We also wish to acknowledge the generous contribution of a few individuals who strongly support the project and would welcome more support from individuals able to do so.  As we said in the introductory words above, this is an extremely important project for us all, in terms of our public profile and community standing – boosting our negotiating strength with government and agencies.  Indirectly, as in the UK, we’re confident that it will flow through to increased membership and recognition for all of our clubs, along with continued access and use of our vehicles on the NZ roading network, and ongoing suitable fuel supply.  To be successful in our lobbying efforts, we absolutely need the reliable and accurate data this survey will provide.