It’s now 12 days since we went public with the headline outcomes of the NZ Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey, and I thought this is a good time to give all FoMC members a quick update.

Overall, we’re very happy with the level of coverage, communication and awareness that has been achieved. Obviously, we’re up against the media “distractions” of pre-election promises and news coverage, plus the Rugby World Cup, and we always knew the challenges that they posed. One of the highlights to date has been the enthusiastic coverage by Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB, by far NZ’s number one rated breakfast program.  Mike gave great coverage of each of the headline outcomes at the peak time of 7.45 am Monday 18th, and then in his “wrap of the week” last Friday repeated some of the key headlines and gave the Survey an “8 out of 10” as one of the highlights and good news stories of the week.

Stuff, Autocar and Radio NZ have also given the Survey good coverage since the announcement on 14 Sept.  We also experienced record online traffic with 864 visits to the FoMC website and 3,964 watching the YouTube videos.  Feedback from members of member clubs has also been very supportive and positive.

NZ’s classic car sector is worth $11 billion, new survey suggests – NZ AutocarA new survey from the NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs shows that the country’s classic car sector is worth an $11

I’ve also seen great coverage in a number of social media posts, one of the best being Waimak Classic Cars.

By way of this note, and update, I urge each of our clubs to continue to share the Survey story in any way you can, and to encourage your members to use the Survey Preliminary Report materials and links from the FoMC website in their personal social media activities. Please feel free to forward this note to all of your members if you wish, perhaps with a covering note from your club.

From the viewpoint of the FoMC Survey Project team, we’re now turning our attention and energies to the Final Report being prepared in October by our research agency Glasshouse Consulting. This is an important and concluding part of the Survey, with a lot more data and detail expected. Our early planning is to have this Final Report finalised and published on our website late October/early November, and with associated media activity as applicable. The Final Report will also be at the forefront of our interaction with the newly elected Government in November.

Thanks again to all Clubs and members for the support and activity over the last 12 days, and let’s all keep the coverage going as long as we can…’s such a great story to tell!

Best wishes

Garry Jackson, President
NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs Inc.

Chris Butler

FoMC Secretary and Manager Information Technology

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