Wheel Torque newsletter 38 (January 2023)

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In this edition:

  • “Saving Heritage Motoring from Climate Change Crisis” – the NZ FoMC Heritage and Classic Vehicle Survey
  • New Incorporated Societies Act 2022
  • Government delays Biofuels Mandate Start
  • Are modern EV’s a great leap backwards? – a historic commentary

Chris Butler

FoMC Secretary and Manager Information Technology

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  1. Michael Williams

    It really is time that Roy Hughes stopped writing his bigoted rants . He’s doing the FOMC considerable harm, and stops it from being taken seriously when it’s in discussions about ways of preserving heritage vehicles. I attended an AGM in Christchurch a few years ago and was disappointed at the way he was able to hold the floor while talking absolute nonsense. Yes, free speech is fine, but he really is out of step with the rest of the world as well as FOMC membership.

    Michael Williams, Life member and President, Canterbury Citroen Car Club.

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